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Information about World Record-Setting Event

Dear all,

We are all really excited for this year’s upcoming Scavenger Hunt, and we’re having a lot of fun keeping all of our plans secret. That being said, this year we are going to break with tradition and tell you something that is going to happen during the Hunt two weeks beforehand so you can prepare appropriately.

This year, to mark our 25th anniversary, our Scavenger Hunt will be attempting to break the current world record for “World’s Largest Scavenger Hunt” which is, contrary to popular belief, not currently held by us, but by 212 children at an elementary school in Ontario. We have arranged for both local and national media coverage of this attempt.

We are letting you know about this event ahead of time because one of the requirements for a successful attempt is that all participants be fully informed of the event rules. The attempt will take place on Friday night, May 6th. There are very detailed instructions that we need to get to you, and they will be both outlined specifically on the list and presented before List Release, beginning at 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 4th, in the Cloister Club of Ida Noyes (yes, an hour earlier than normal). This event will not replace all of Scav Hunt; the rest of Scav will be as it traditionally has been. However, the Friday night event has very specific rules and regulations that will differ from “Scav as we know it”, and it is very important that everyone knows how exactly this particular event will run ahead of time to aid in both our and your preparations for it.

It is imperative that you bring anyone who wants to learn about this event to the rules presentation before List Release on Wednesday night in Ida Noyes. While the event itself will happen on Friday, we are required by regulations to present the rules aloud. We’d also love it if one of your captains could bring a rough count of how many people you think will attend on your team’s behalf on Friday, so we can prepare the correct order of magnitude of materials. We (Head Judge Grace Chapin and Judge Daniel Citron) will officially present the rules and general outline of the event and will, at that time, be able to answer any questions you have about how to participate or the event structure.

We realize that many of you often place team members on the quads or in other locations to aid in list release; we request that, instead, you bring any folks who are participating in List Release to Ida Noyes directly. List release will occur directly after the rules presentation, and we assure you that bringing your team members directly to Ida will not put you at a disadvantage; in fact, doing so may be very useful to you, as it will be helpful to have many people on your team who know exactly what the Friday event will entail and how we will go about doing it.

We would also like to emphasize that this event has relatively little to do with the rest of the events going on during Scav, so that anybody can participate even if they do not belong to a regular Scav Hunt team. For the sake of really making our record attempt memorable and irrefutable, please spread the word however you can and encourage even those who wrongheadedly think Scav is for losers to come out and be part of an official world record.

I hope you all find this news as exciting as we do--let’s beat those Canadian kids to the ground! Please let one of us know if you have any questions about this, and again, we hope to see as many of you as possible before list release at 11:00 p.m. sharp (doors will open slightly earlier) on Wednesday, May 4th in the Ida Noyes Cloister Club.


Head Judge Grace Chapin
Judge Daniel Citron

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