The 1997 University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt List


(performed on Mother's Day 1997 in Ida Noyes Hall and her environs, unless indicated otherwise)
  1. a team member dressed in full hockey goalie attire, complete with a 4' x 4' street hockey net to stop a dozen doughnuts thrown by the judge (note: team must also supply doughnuts, and make sure that they're of the "filled" variety, 2 pts per doughnut successfully blocked by goalie)
  2. an egg toss, where catches must be made without hands, and feet must remain stationary; catches are interpreted to mean the breaking of an egg on the body's surface, or remaining suspended, via some manner of more traditional catch, above the ground; teams should bring two dozen eggs; a bonus is given to every catch that ends in an unbroken egg (2 pts per egg, 1 pt bonus)
  3. fresh fish baseball (team member must hit a pop-fly to be fielded by a second team member) (5 pts)
  4. Super Big Gulp, root beer flavor and at least 75% syrup, to be imbibed in the fewest swallows (20 pts if in one swallow, deduct 2 pts for each additional gulp)
  5. Identify and bring back mementos from each Brownfield site in the city (5 pts)
  6. a backwards pogo stick race (winner gets 10 pts, second through fifth get 8, 6, 4, and 2 pts, respectively)
  7. an 100 yard "Dash of Destruction"-- run 100 yards carrying an 8 lb. sledgehammer towards watermelons (supplied by team) which are to be annihilated; you will be timed (scoring is on a 14 pt. scale, with 14 pts. to the winner, then 12 pts for second, 10 pts for third, 8 pts, 6 pts, 4 pts, 2 pts, and 0 pts for the rest)
  8. an obsolete computer to be abruptly and significantly truncated in a brutally violent and destructive manner (24 pts, 7 pt. bonus if computer contains vacuum tubes)
  9. a Slip n' Slide coated with Astroglide or a similar water-based lubricant, and a team member in a Speedo to test it out; make sure the Slip n' Slide has an inclined plane at the end, and bring appropriate cushioning for the impact zone (45 pts)
  10. eat a stack of Pringle vertically inserted into your mouth, 1 pt for every two chips
  11. a quart of fish sauce, two containers, and mechanically unaided oral transfer via six team members -- enjoy
  12. tempt fate, flirt with death, and dance with the devil (3 pts)
  13. plastic garbage can bowling
  14. Bust open a can of whup-ass (12 pts, 3 pt bonus for a keg)
  15. a worm race -- contestants must race across the Midway on their stomachs (20 pts)
  16. You very own ______ Center, consisting of a tent, a sign, and a safe place where ______ can voice their concerns; must be on the quads both Thursday and Friday from 9am to 5pm and packed up at night; leave the Women's Center staff alone (50 pts)
  17. a piece of the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field, and make sure you have certificates of authenticity, as well as cheese garb (i.e., Cheese-head, Cheese-tie, Cheese-belt, etc.) (15 pts)
  18. A four-day fishing license from Wisconsin, a copy of "Wausau Paddlepower," and the name of the group which made the gates for the International Whitewater Championships in Wausau, WI
  19. A webpage your team has written explaining your cult -- points awarded for complexity, oddness, and coolness (and not how long it takes to load); must include the Hale-Bopp comet, the RAS, and Bjork, as well as other links you think the judges may enjoy; URLs must be sent to Mike Campion via e-mail, at, by Saturday, May 3, 1997, 10pm (40 pts)
  20. a full-sized flying vehicle that is not an airplane to buzz Ida Noyes on Sunday; you must provide the Judges with the vehicle type, expected time of arrival (between 11am and 4pm) and specific external markings (e.g., serial numbers) that identify it as your vehicle (scheduling info due Saturday at 10 pm, to, 70 pts)
  21. a team member to throw, and then, upon its return, catch a boomerang (15 pts for Nerf, 30 pts otherwise)
  22. On Saturday afternoon, from 12 noon to 6 pm, there will be a Judge on Michigan Avenue between Wacker and Walton; find the judge and say "Y'know, I hear the barnacle has the largest penis relative to its body in the entire animal kingdom."; the Judge will then give you a secret code word, but only if you are dressed as a clown (60 pts)
  23. Prank call The Pub using names from The Simpsons on Saturday night between 9 pm and 12 midnight; Judge will be there to accept calls and get team names (3 pts)
  24. Get on the "In Bed"segment of "Fox Thing In The Morning or any other morning show (60 pts)
  25. Replace all the copies of this Friday's Maroon on campus with copies of the Daily Northwestern (50 pts for every team if there are no Maroons left on campus by 5 pm Friday evening)


  1. Attract media attention, even if it's by reporting false news and getting Walter Jacobson and his elite squad of idiot news commandos to swing by in "Assault Copter 5," or whatever the fuck that thing is (80 pts for national news media, 50 pts for local)
  2. What is the method of conveyance for a shaven yak? (2 pts)
  3. According to the Chicago Weekly News, what is the Scavenger Hunt's annual budget? (2 pts)
  4. Why would you wish you were an English muffin? (2 pts)
  5. How did the fiancee of George on Seinfeld die? (2 pts)
  6. What is a t. p. u.? (2 pts)
  7. Who is the best team in the NFL? (2 pts, don't screw this up) 33)
  8. How many Academy Awards did "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie" receive? (2 pts) 34)
  9. Who is Mr. Greenfield, and how and when did he score a "touchdown?"(2 pts) 35)
  10. Which Sesame Street character is permanently figured on "The Republic," aka the Golden Lady of Jackson Park? (2 pts) 36)
  11. Bart Simpson destroyed (2 pts) 37)
  12. Who is the governor of the state in which Springfield is located? (2 pts) 38)
  13. a deal that will keep the Empire out of here for good (20 pts) 39) What is best in life? (5 pts) 40) Complete this Darth Vader line: "It would be most unfortunate if I had to leave a garrison here..."(2 pts) 41)
  14. Chug a 12 oz. can of creamed corn (10 pts) 42)
  15. Klingon war-nog for the Judge (18 pts) 43)
  16. Barbecue on the Midway, be sure to save some for us (5 pts for palatable, 10 for fair, 15 for pretty good, 20 for good, and 25 for nummy) 44)
  17. Jazz Fest program (8 pts) 45)
  18. a bathtub and a team member bathing -- be sure to include bath cap, scrubber, and bubble bath; keep it neat (20 pts, 5 pt bonus for a footed tub) 46)
  19. the most people that you can fit into a Gremlin (2 pts per person) 47)
  20. as many different table tents (transparent things that hold advertisements) from as many identifiable Chicago restaurants (3 pts per) 48)
  21. a cubical framework, measuring 6' on each side, made entirely from soda (excuse me, pop) cans (216 pts) 49)
  22. a sexual device made from Legos, bonus if it has a motor (7 pts, 3 pt bonus) 50)
  23. a steel penny (10 pts) 51)
  24. a mock-up of a 14' pencil made to look as if it is stuck in a team member's head 52)
  25. a box from the Pink Floyd Pulse album with a green flashing light (1 pt) 53)
  26. three containers worth of Play-Doh, to be used in a speed sculpting contest (8 pts) 54)
  27. a romantic barbarian feast, juxtaposing critical elements from a classic romantic dinner (roses, wine, candle light, soft music) with critical elements from a barbarian feast (greasy chicken, lack of utensils, warrior chants, hide table coverings) (15 pts) 55)
  28. scrubs from the Northwestern Medical Center (5 pts) 56)
  29. a McRib vs. Big Mac ballot (2 pts) 57)
  30. an actual Bourbon street sign (80 pts) 58)
  31. a hansom cab with horse (40 pts) 59)
  32. a Volkwagen bus painted in psychedelic colors, a la Electric Mayhem, or Ken Kesey the Merry Pranksters 60)
  33. a statue named "My Enemy, My Proctologist" which is 10' high (40 pts) 61)
  34. a rainstick, a dipstick, a lipstick, a nightstick, a drumstick, and a broomstick (8 pts) 62)
  35. potatoes rotten enough to be leaking black liquid (35 pts) 63)
  36. itemized receipts from a Chicago area adult novelty store totaling over $400.00; each receipt must have outlandish condoms as a purchase (meaning novelty condoms -- 25 pts, Judges will collect receipts) 64)
  37. 10 meter long cattle prod, no batteries, please (18 pts) 65)
  38. a Van der Graf generator (35 pts) 66)
  39. a Pepsi Gotta-Have-It card (4 pts) 67)
  40. a home colonic kit (9 pts) 68)
  41. What are the names of the people on the plaque with Regan Pritzker's commemorating the Gateway Green Committee? ( 5 pts) 69)
  42. the smallest pair of skis suitable for human use that you can find (20 pts) 70)
  43. a model of the U of C campus -- include wire, a time machine, and simulated lightning, only this time, paint it and build it to scale (75 pts) 71)
  44. a large stuffed monkey in riot gear; be sure to include helmet with have plate (?), plexi-glass shield, bullet-proof vest, and night stick (36 pts, 200 pts for a real live monkey -- no lemurs!) 72)
  45. rowing shell: 20 pts for a single, 40 pts for a double, 80 pts for a four, 160 pts for an eight, and 500 pts for a full-size trireme 73)
  46. a model of a fullerene (C60) constructed from chopsticks and oranges (37 pts) 74)
  47. a string of threaded Froot Loops long enough to extend from the third floor of the main stair case of Ida Noyes Hall to the ground floor; string must be covered in Froot Loops from top to bottom (31 pts) 75)
  48. The Happy Fun Ball, with all its stated properties (5 pts) 76)
  49. "I'm a fiddler crab! Shoot me! It's fiddler crab season!" (3 pts) 77)
  50. toaster ovens, each with a stuffed animal peering out from behind the glass (3 pts per oven) 78)
  51. Who's the man in front of the Flamingo Casino? (4 pts) 79)
  52. hard-hats, just the hats (1 pt per, 15 pts maximum) 80)
  53. Ted O' Neill bucks from "Prospie Weekend" (1 pt per buck, 5 pts max) 81)
  54. three branches -- legislative, executive, and judicial (2 pts) 82)
  55. What is the least recognizable office in the "world's most recognizable building?"(5 pts) 83)
  56. a hairless beaver (7 pts) 84)
  57. a Plymouth prowler (10 pts) 85)
  58. a piece of soft cotton cloth, no larger than 2" by 2" (for the safety buffs, 3 pts) 86)
  59. "Show me the bunny!"(3 pts) 87)
  60. the signature of an "immortal"on a French porn magazine (5 pts) 88)
  61. call Batman via the Batsignal 89)
  62. a wax penguin from the Brookfield Zoo (3 pts) 90)
  63. a shake machine (11 pts) 91)
  64. a CTA bus (80 pts, bonus for one of those with the accordion-like middle) 92)
  65. receipts from every Harold's, must be visited in numerical order (100 pts) 93)
  66. acknowledgment from a foreign embassy that a team member has renounced citizenship (150 pts) 94)
  67. pop Jiffy-Pop without a heating element 95)
  68. Which house was the only building in the path of the Great Fire left undestroyed, and what is in it today? (3 pts) 96)
  69. a Matchbox car golem (10 pts) 97)
  70. One of each kind of lobby chocolate from the Suissotel (2 pts per different kind) 98)
  71. the Jordan statue found in front of the United Center, rendered lovingly in topiary, to be displayed in front of Ida Noyes (b.y.o.s. -- bring your own shrub; 150 pts) 99)
  72. toothpick wall around section of the Midway (75 pts) 100)
  73. elbow grease (2 pts) 101)
  74. annual report of railroad and warehouse commissioners of Missouri from any year before 1900 (10 pts) 102)
  75. one pound of live crawfish 103)
  76. books from Northwestern's core collection (1 pt per book, 20 pts max) 104)
  77. rubbing of plaque commemorating NU's converting an ore landfill to its campus (3 pts) 105)
  78. Dummy pass from NU (2 pts) 106)
  79. receipt from Cash Station in front of Henry Crown (2 pts) 107)
  80. the Chicago Weekly News torn into strips and used to make a papier-mache dildo or other autoerotic device (4 pts) 108)
  81. a bike messenger to deliver a message to Mike Campion on Judgment day; the message must read "Lobsters cavort with Hudderites."(45 pts) 109)
  82. Stone Willy's pizza, ass-flavor (6 pts) 110)
  83. Leon Kass' love letters to his wife Amy (12 pts) 111)
  84. mythical ARA mascot Flexman to be burned in effigy (10 pts) 112)
  85. a fake Senior Class gift, and make it good (10 pts) 113)
  86. the issue of Playboy in which the U of C crew team appeared 114)
  87. NFL 1997 Draft Quiz (7 pts) 115)
  88. a complex sculpture of surge protectors (.25 per item, 30 items max) 116)
  89. ballpeen something that is not a hammer (4 pts) 117)
  90. a pepper which is neither a bell, green, red, yellow, black, cayenne, a doctor, or a red hot chili (4 pts) 118)
  91. a blinking Jesus (4 pts) 119)
  92. photo of the painting entitled "Rabbi with red hat and green beard," as well as where it is in New Orleans (25 pts) 120)
  93. an amphibious automobile specifically designed for that purpose with 50 rubber ducks in the back seat (no retooling an exiting vehicle -- i.e., your Plymouth Sundance with water wings; 50 pts) 121)
  94. a ticket stub from a concert not held in the United States or Canada (5 pts) 122)
  95. Blood. And pampers. Donate blood to United Blood Services on Friday, from 9am to 5pm, at either Ida Noyes Hall, or at the Bloodmobile at Hutchinson Commons. You must see the Judges on hand to record your donation. If you are unable to donate blood (after going through the preliminary interview) you may instead donate five large (large meaning 30 or more per package) packages of pampers, which will then be donated to Childserve. (25 pts per donation of blood, 18 pts per donation of pampers, 500 pts max) 123)
  96. a Fraggle (3 pts) 124)
  97. a retail video tape of "Manos: The Hands of Fate" to be presented by a team member costumed as Torgo, who will naturally take-care-of-things-while-the-Master's-away (12 pts) 125)
  98. Shrinky-Dinks -- all shapes and sizes (2 pts each, 20 pts max) 126)
  99. fingernail clipping art (12 pts) 127)
  100. a Talking Barbie, wearing an AO½ sweatshirt, which says "Math is hard." (25 pts) 128)
  101. an authentic U of C diploma to be stamped, in large letters: VOID (42 pts) 129)
  102. an Al Gore-bot (17 pts) 130)
  103. a "Wicker Man" built from bales of corrugated cardboard (35 pts, bonus for any virgins found inside) 131)
  104. a real live, breathing elephant (500 pts) 132)
  105. who donated the bust of Benito Juarez to Chicago and who was the mayor at that time? (2 pts) 133)
  106. a scrapbook of disaster (5 pts) 134)
  107. a portable swimming starting block (45 pts) 135)
  108. a "clean suit"in iridescent rainbow color or colors, much like those in the Pentium MMX commercial (15 pts, bonus for "Stayin' Alive") 136)
  109. shoes made of bubble gum (20 pts) 137)
  110. a bathysphere, or a high-pressure undersea suit (150 pts) 138)
  111. you team's road trip vehicle complete with all of its high-tech modifications (25 pts) 139)
  112. a pagan altar dedicated to Genghis Kraken"(19 pts) 140)
  113. a soap dispenser from a Metra Station bathroom (10 pts, 5 point bonus if it's filled with soap) 141)
  114. moldy cheese (3 pts) 142)
  115. a car alarm -- no car, just the alarm (20 pts) 143)
  116. a siege tower which has wheels, is mobile, stands l2 feet tall, is covered in wet sod, has a platform from which occupants can attempt to breach walls, and has the Scavenger Hunt coat of arms emblazoned on the front (250 pts) 144)
  117. Auguste Rodin's "The Embrace" rendered entirely in pasta and twine, measuring a foot tall (30 pts) 145)
  118. a big pile of gupta (15 pts) 146)
  119. an operating doorway, consisting of at least a door and a frame, that serves as a portal to an alternate reality; the doorway must be of normal size (30 pts) 147)
  120. Special FBI Agent Barbie and Branch Davidian Ken (12 pts) 148)
  121. a copy of the book "The Courtier" by Julius Kirshner (10 pts) 149)
  122. turf skis (8 pts) 150)
  123. a "Boss Hog" hat (3 pts) 151)
  124. a wading pool filled with lime Jell-O to be used for wrestling (32 pts) 152)
  125. a monster truck tire, or something suitably large (17 pts) 153)
  126. a billboard advertisement (12 pts)
  127. a gray M & M (2 pts)
  128. a Grand Forks refugee (5 pts)
  129. a DORIMON chair (6 pts)
  130. business cards or matchbooks from distinct Bourbon Street establishments (3 pts per, 15 pts max
  131. an evil, evil clown (2 pts)
  132. a lower Paleolithic-style stone tool manufactured by a team-member
  133. a member to read the Zohar without going insane (2 pts)
  134. an Asmat nose decoration worn by a team member (1 pt)
  135. a torc (1 pt)
  136. a Machu Picchu cake (3 pts)
  137. a member of the Caballah, the Calusari, the Knights Templar, or the Illuminati (10 pts)
  138. a "black market"undergraduate Convocation ticket for the Judges (10 pts, bonus if it's for Rockefeller Chapel)
  139. someone named Detlef (3 pts)
  140. a General GRE score in the top or bottom 5% -- actual score report needed, you cheaters! (3 pts)
  141. an obscenely loud THX promo (0 -- 30 pts, Judge's discretion; hint: for full points, Judge's head must explode)
  142. an active career military officer (not ROTC) in dress uniform -- they must be a captain at the least, with bonus points for additional rank and/or decoration (8 pts, 2 pts for each additional rank and/or decoration)
  143. someone from the Harris School of Public Policy with an "I gave blood today"sticker and a CIA I.D. (15 pts, bonus for a Baltic nation-building conference name badge from last year)
  144. What was James Kirk Watson's undergraduate degree? (2 pts)
  145. a member of the administration to give an honest statement about the projected date for a ground-breaking on the new athletic center (or anything else), and to have said member sign a notarized affidavit to that effect; affidavits will be collected by the Judges for safe-keeping; proselytizers will be given wedgies (30 pts)
  146. a voodoo child (3 pts)
  147. get a comedian for Judgment Day, for they must make the Judge laugh within three minutes; we suggest you call Second City (30 pts)
  148. an SG party whose sole reason for running is to earn funds to compete in Scavenger Hunt (17 pts)
  149. an ancient mariner with a plastic lobster around his neck (5 pts)
  150. What is the speed limit on North Stetson? (5 pts)
  151. team member dressed as a giant (10') bishop (15 pts)
  152. a moyle (20 pts)
  153. a hand grenade from Tropical Isle (8 pts)
  154. royalty, with proof (a hereditary title, please -- 15 pts)
  155. an ancient mariner with a plastic lobster around his neck (5 pts)
  156. a bloody COUP (4 pts)
  157. an indigo girl and a pink Floyd (3 pts)
  158. a pirate with a peg-leg, an eye patch, a stuffed parrot, a pirate hat, a hook for a hand, and some booty (8 pts)
  159. jogger's nipple (5 pts)
  160. a team member garbed and coifed exactly like Aeon Flux (30 pts)
  161. a full professor to hang around for the duration of the judging of the page without griping (50 pts)
  162. Baby Bulls Restaurant business card (3 pts, 15 pts for a hat) 189)
  163. a professional underwear model modeling underwear professionally for the Judge (20 pts) 190)
  164. a person who has quit ROTC or left an armed forces-affiliated college and has subsequently been forced to repay money to that branch of the armed forces (25 pts, bonus if litigation is pending) 191)
  165. a life size Boba Fett with line thrower and appropriate head gear (40 pts) 192)
  166. Swedish Bikini Team (5 pts per member, 20 pts max) 193)
  167. team blessing from the right Reverend (8 pts) 194)
  168. a couple in cardboard evening wear (10 pts) 195)
  169. lusty wenches and fancy lads (15 pts) 196)
  170. seven brides for seven brothers (14 pts) 197)
  171. person wearing only bumper stickers from all the radio stations in the John Hancock building (15 pts) 198)
  172. a representative from an investment banking company that refuses to recruit U of C undergrads because they're mouthy, arrogant little snots with a horrible work ethic and bad people skills (1 pt) 199)
  173. a team member dressed as diseased genitals to deliver a brief lecture on safer sex (15 pts, bonus if the disease is non-communicable, and an added bonus for ointment) 200)
  174. an 8' x 5' (at least) map of North America mounted on an easel with a team member in Marine garb describing how the road trip tactically enabled conquering of the continent 201)
  175. paper chef's hat from the Billy Goat (3 pts) 202)
  176. a U of C anthropology professor to dress as Indiana Jones with either a lost Sankara stone, the Cross of Coronado, or the Holy Grail (15 pts, bonus for an archaeologist) 203)
  177. a licensed bounty hunter (12 pts) 204)
  178. an official hazmat team with gear and vehicle (200 pts) 205)
  179. the Louisiana Cyprus Lumber Co. train has what kind of food on it? (6 pts) 206)
  180. ten team members to wear orange hazard cones on their head for the duration of the page who say "Ni!"every time the Judge says "it."(10 pts) 207)
  181. a professional contortionist (20 pts) 208)
  182. any substantial scene from Tom Stoppard's "Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead"with Beavis as Rosencrantz and Butthead as Guildenstern (20 pts) 209)
  183. intellectual masturbation (10 pts) 210)
  184. What two groups aren't even allowed in the office of the Scottish Rites building? (2 pts) 211)
  185. a bouquet tossing and a garter tossing (8 pts) 212)
  186. a team member to, in front of the Judge, spread an entire 12 oz. container of petroleum jelly on their hair -- be sure to spread evenly (15 pts) 213)
  187. a brief, one-act dramatization of Jame's Heiple's arrest for speeding and (immediately subsequent) subdual while resisting arrest (5 pts) 214)
  188. The Tick's battlecry (2 pts) 215)
  189. a compromising position (8 pts) 216)
  190. a team member to have copious amounts of chewing gum removed from their hair via The Simpsons method up until and including the Groundskeeper Willie way (40 pts) 217)
  191. dance the batusi (must have music as well, 10 pts) 218)
  192. Get a "Louisiana Yard Dogs"hat at the Gator's Den Lounge and Swamp 219)
  193. How many steps are on the north wall of the Centennial Fountain? (2 pts) 220)
  194. a jay-walking ticket from 58th and University (25 pts) 221)
  195. What kind of food do they sell in the back of St.Rock market? (5 pts) 222)
  196. kill a fish with your mind (10 pts) 223)
  197. a graduate student to whine about Student Government's bias against graduate students (3 pts, try Mark Langston, he seems like a whiner) 224)
  198. a 21 water balloon salute using three-man water balloon slings (20 pts) 225)
  199. you team's rendition of the violently anti-social members of Cirque du Soleil (25 pts) 226)
  200. rapture (5 pts) 227)
  201. One still-cold Hurricane from Hurricane, must be in authentic plastic 228)
  202. beach blanket bingo (3 pts) 229)
  203. Tell the Judge (who is also a Hovito warrior) to go get that guy! (5 pts) 230)
  204. everybody kung-fu fighting (15 pts) 231)
  205. as many different pairs of people in consecutive photo booth pictures as possible (20 pts, 7 point bonus for nudity and Beanie Babies) *232)
  206. Take a picture of a team member with the gigantic bushy decapitated 233)
  207. Eviscerate Chops the Lamb -- include blood, and throw into a food processor or other suitable puréeing device. Scavenger Hunt is not responsible if you cut off your hand or break the machine. You may hand chop, if you so desire. 234)
  208. a naked frenzy (12 pts) 235)
  209. launch, by any means available, a Snickers bar the length of a Midway section (30 pts) 236)
  210. sheer bravado (5 pts) 237)
  211. Egg a Jenner & Block lawyer or paralegal, bonus for a U of C graduate (20 pts, with 10 point bonus) 238)
  212. Tickle Me Hugo (10 pts) 239)
  213. Better things to do with the money that went to the Gleacher Center (.5 pts per item, 20 items max, and make it good) 240)
  214. detailed plans for Reynolds Club phase XLIII (15 pts) 241)
  215. Get an N.O. Art Districts Banner (35 pts) 242)
  216. a poem in DABABCCABD about of facet of life at the U of C to be tentatively published in a collection called "Université de Malaise"(10 pts) 243)
  217. an application for admission to The Citadel, complete with falsified letters of recommendation and falsified transcripts, under the name of Ernest Q. Beaglehold (return address: 5706 South University). Postmark deadline Saturday, and remember proper postage. In lieu of admissions fee, offer them a drawing of a monkey. (25 pts) 244)
  218. letter from Tupac Amaru inscribed with "With you were here!"(8 pts) 245)
  219. top ten reasons why the Criterion staff acts that way (10 pts) 246)
  220. The U of C admissions booklet -- "Nightmares and Hegemonies: The Real Story." Take "Dreams and Choices"and highlight every obfuscation, misrepresentation, and blatant falsehood. Bonus points for correctly identifying whatever it is that the lovely Jessica Doyle is sculpting out of snow (20 pts, 6 pt bonus) 247)
  221. a list of 101 ransom demands the Hannabomber should have made to the University (10 pts) 248)
  222. a letter to Jay Leno telling him that if he's going to steal our idea for a scavenger hunt like last year, that he could at least make the skit remotely humorous (4 pts) 249)
  223. T.B.A. 250)
  224. U of C skyline in henna on someone's back (20 pts) 251)
  225. a chackrum (8 pts) 252)
  226. a Dr. Laura column dealing with sex and chuthulu -- an accurate portrayal, please! (15 pts) 253)
  227. candles from as many (recognized) religions as you can find (2 pts per candle) 254)
  228. photo of Souther Cookers Inc. Symbol in Durant, Mississippi (45 pts) 255)
  229. Law School Films posters (points for each different one, 3 pts per) 256)
  230. three team members in saris and all the accessories (10 pts) 257)
  231. German Spam (15 pts) 258)
  232. Camilla Grill t-shirt 259)
  233. a dildo in the shape of an animal (10 pts, 20 pt bonus if in the shape of a lobster) 260)
  234. different U of C t-shirt that have been made and sold by a house (2 pts each, 40 pts max) 261)
  235. a recipe for making cheese (5 pts) 262)
  236. a buffalo soldier (40 pts) 263)
  237. a jug of palm wine, a bag of cowries, and some yams -- prepare a wedding feast (15 pts) 264)
  238. a coptic cross (10 pts) 265)
  239. What was Jackson Square called during the Spanish occupation? (4 pts) 266)
  240. proof of a sperm donation (20 pts) 267)
  241. a proctoscope (20 pts) 268)
  242. someone dressed like Ash from "Army of Darkness,"with chainsaw (w/o fuel) though the shotgun is NOT necessary (17 pts) 269)
  243. a 2 liter bottle filled with coke (not the cola, 45 pts) 270)
  244. a prescription for birth control pills, prescribed to a man (10 pts) 271)
  245. a sample of Mexico's biggest illegal import into the US (75 pts) 272)
  246. What does it say atop James & Rosanna Robertson's gravestone in Tuscola, IL? (25 pts) 273)
  247. Photograph of Velma, Mississippi V.F.D. (25 pts) 274)
  248. a boilermaker from Purdue (must weight at least 75 lbs., may be in liquid form, 35 pts) 275)
  249. someone dressed in a parka, snowpants, mittens, and a fur hat to recited "The Ballad of Sam McGee"from memory (30 pts) 276)
  250. 5 College Republicans dressed as the Village People to perform "In The Navy"(30 pts) 277)
  251. a ground compactor, otherwise possibly known as a tamper (15 pts) 278)
  252. Devise a way to test a Twinkie for impact resistance -- report your results (6 pts) 279)
  253. Slim Goodbody -- all subdermal muscles labeled on one side of someone's body, and all the major arteries and veins on the other (50 pts with song, 40 pts without; groin obviously exempted) 280)
  254. a ticket stub from a They Might Be Giants show at the U of C (10 pts) 281)
  255. rubbing or photograph of "Dead House"plaque in Ole Miss (11 pts) 282)
  256. Successfully complete an off-campus call from a University "on campus"phone (the beige ones, 3 pts) 283)
  257. playing cards from a mode or line of transportation that is not an airline (3 pts) 284)
  258. a nasty course evaluation (2 pts) 285)
  259. proof that you were at BB King's Club, Memphis (10 pts) 286)
  260. a functioning Han Solo blaster from Kenner which is not orange (20 pts) 287)
  261. a retired bookbag (2 pts) 288)
  262. the Necronomicon to be picked up safely (12 pts) 289)
  263. a jug of Gil's Never Go Flat (30 pts) 290)
  264. Did you have fun? (5 pts) 291)
  265. an application for insurance against alien impregnation (20 pts) 292)
  266. Reynold's Club Barber admitting "I can't cut hair for shit." (25 pts) 293)
  267. a still-life depicting Atxhuxhwa pu gigwal idmalh ich'xhyan idyak'iulalmaxhyamt. (45 pts) 294)
  268. Bribe Joseph at the Creole Kitchen to get the secret word (25 pts) 295)
  269. a totem pole at least 6' feet high (1' diameter) carved with the spirit animals that helped you to Scavenger Hunt victory (teams bringing in the totem from Haskell will have to contend with item # 14, 50 pts) 296)
  270. a seance to contact the spirit of Mike Royko -- adieu, sweet Royko, adieu... (65 pts) 297)
  271. Who was the last royal court jester of England? (2 pts) 298)
  272. the address of Hugo's real house (2 pts) 299)
  273. Find the editors of the Pamflette (2 pts) 300)
  274. What do the letters on the pylons by the Centennial Fountain mean? (2 pts) 301)
  275. name of assistant professor whose photo is in the top leftmost position on bulletin board in Swift Hall (2 pts) 302)
  276. Gretchen Scheusmann won the Honda Award for Excellence in what sport? (2 pts) 303)
  277. Something about the Chicagos Cub that doesn't suck (the impossible item, 10 pts) 304)
  278. name David Duchovny's high school, as well as it's mascot and the honor he won upon graduation (2 pts) 305)
  279. What were the last words of the George Bush memoirs that Bart Simpson destroyed? (2 pts) 306)
  280. Bring us the mayor of Niketown (10 pts) 307)
  281. Stay-put socks, hat, and underwear (garments saturated with glue per Dr. Stimpy's instructions) to be worn over underwear (5 pts) 308)
  282. a fake bomb, made with dry ice and water (10 pts)
  283. props from Medieval Times (15 pts)
  284. proof for membership of a female team member in NAMBLA (24 pts)
  285. engraving from a study room table made by a fan of the common core (4 pts)
  286. a jug of Li'l Lisa's Animal Slurry (5 pts)
  287. The Eric and Lyle Menendez Gift Pak (7 pts)
  288. a ship of fools or a train car of idiots (6 pts)
  289. a gumball machine with a goldfish (complete with water!) in the glass part (10 pts)
  290. an unaccompanied woman (3 pts)
  291. team member dressed in yellow caution tape, a padded bra, and a football helmet
  292. a superhero (2 pts)
  293. team members to perform "Mrs. Throat Goes Walking"with a bassist for accompaniment (10 pts)
  294. translates Gibbons' "The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire"into jive -- we'll ask you to recite a passage (10 pts)
  295. a Circus with your team captain's picture in it (20 pts)
  296. a Boomland receipt (5 pts)
  297. an explanation of PGP (6 pts)
  298. measure the radioactivity of a teammate (10 pts)
  299. a Beta-Max (15 pts)
  300. Bagoong (3 pts)
  301. an entire issue of the free press without the rantings of either John K. Wilson or Daraka Larimore-Hall (15 pts)
  302. At the Gleacher Center, there is an architectural element taken from a building at the U of C. What is the element (10 pts) and from which building was it taken? (15 pts)
  303. MacPhisto (15 pts)
  304. N.O. Clay's Package liquor thinks...(10 pts)
  305. What is across the street from the Veteran's Memorial in Portageville, MO? (11 pts)
  306. six-pack of Abita (6 pts, 10 pts if chilled)
  307. Get a New Orleans Jesuit uniform (35 pts)
  308. a letter from the Reg announcing that outstanding fines can now be paid in Flex dollars (12 pts)