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  1. One of Jerry Springer's Security Personnel. [75 points. 25 bonus points for Steve]

  2. With your teammate's powers combined, summon Captain Planet. [10 points]

  3. Smoove your Judge, then try to break it down. Lose all points if the Judge starts laughing hysterically. [15 points]

  4. Celebrity, Celerity, Celery. [6 points]

  5. Complete Metroid at the site of the judging. The team is given one chance, and can start from the final board. No pressure. [30 points]

  6. An offside trap. [4 points]

  7. The owner's signature on a receipt from the Lemont Inn. [10 points]

  8. One teammember in full breakdance regalia, including cardboard breaking mat. [50 style points maximum. 5 bonus points for the worm, 5.5 points for the wave, and 15 points for some wicked backspins]

  9. What is a jobber? [5 points]

  10. Eat with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls. [8 points]

  11. Molson XXX. The legal amount. All bottles must be unopened. [24 points]

  12. One piñata alla vongole. Fresh clams, please. Broken open. [75 points]

  13. The before and after picture. A photo must be taken of all of your road trip members with a Judge just before the Captain's Meeting. The same people (save the Judge) must also be photographed in front of the big nickel at the Big Nickel Mine. The same people must also be in the photo for Item [*] and Item [*]. [Necessary for any points for road trip items. 25 bonus points if the team is holding a sign with you team name in both English and French]

  14. Pour some sugar on me, oh, in the name of love. [8 points maximum to be awarded based on the love]

  15. At the Grand Avenue Mall, what is the giant mechanical bear balancing at both ends of his pole? [20 points]

  16. Picture of teammember standing, nude, next to Alekso Konstantinov bust in the Reg. [111 points]

  17. Muppet Movie glasses. [17 points]

  18. A macramé plant-holder which incorporates feathers, driftwood, and owl pellets into its groovalicious design. [10 points]

  19. A pack of Salems, autographed by Ted Cohen. [15 points]

  20. A vat of molten chocolate. [23 points]

  21. A first-edition hardcover of Gravity's Rainbow. [200 points]

  22. A valid liquor license. [85 points]

  23. A ticketstub from movie showing of Titanic. [10 points]

  24. Demonstrate that you feel the need, the need for speed. [5 points]

  25. Follow the instructions that the ScavHunt Judges left in the sign-in book at the National Railroad Museum. [30 points]

  26. A hip-hop remix of the Airwolf theme song. [20 points]

  27. Fall Formal ticket stub. [6 points]

  28. Orange Julius Caesar--don't forget the toga. [12 points]

  29. A glass slipper. [35 points. 50 bonus points if it fits on the Judge's foot]

  30. High flying kung-fu moves (moves that do not meet our standard of ``high flying'' will be awarded no points). [9 points per move, 90 points maximum]

  31. A truly gay Teletubby (figure out a way to prove it). [6 points]

  32. A deck of cards from Casino Rama. [35 points]

  33. Plato defending himself from Pirsig's attacks. [5 points]

  34. Chicago Divas Live '99. On the Quads, at 9:30 pm on Thursday, the University and the ``community'' are invited to a Divas Live concert on the Quads. Present will be a diva from each team with her attendant entourage of well-dressed and well-coiffed musicians, dancers, and producers. Each diva will be able to sing her own favourite ballad, and then all the divas will return for an encore of a ``That's What Friends Are For''/``We Are The World'' medley. Teams must advertise their own diva around the campus and community--and provide all music. (Inclement weather site TBA) [100 points]

  35. Underwear run up the flagpole on the Quads. [75 points]

  36. Undead Barbie, Vampiric Ken, and Zombie Skipper. [3 points per doll]

  37. 1999 Chicago Bulls and Chicago Fire season tickets. [15 points]

  38. A menu from the Big Chicken Restaurant. [15 points]

  39. What would you expect to find atop the Heart of Midlothian about midday? [4 points]

  40. A tenured prof singing a stanza of NWA's ``Findum, Fuckum, and Flee.'' [100 points]

  41. Backstabbing followed by the beast with two backs. [8 points]

  42. Redamak's menu. As many as possible. [4 points per menu. 100 points maximum]

  43. Announced at a later date.

  44. Pour one out for your homies. [10 points]

  45. A Toronto phonebook. [60 points]

  46. A person dressed completely in clothing from Nick Carraway's alma mater. [15 points]

  47. ``I'm obsessed, I'm a wreck, I'm insane / Isn't that what you want me to say? / Don't you need to feel my blood on the tracks today?'' We want blood, and lots of it. So bring your blood-lettin' self down to the Cloister club on Friday between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. [20 points per donation, 500 point maximum]

  48. Any member of the Chicago Bulls. You must have proof that he really plays for them--since it's not like we'll recognize him. [2 points]

  49. A copy of ``Canada Employment Weekly.'' [25 points]

  50. It's a Judge's birthday during the Hunt. Make it special. [76 points]

  51. A coaster from the Waterfront Centre Hotel Bar. [15 points]

  52. Save the Core. [6 points]

  53. The code to go directly to Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson's PunchOut! [3 points]

  54. Beatbox, you don't stop. [6 points]
  55. Beastbox, you don't stop. [6 points]

  56. A member of the Chicago Fire to perform an original poem entitled ``That Jasmine's A Fox!'' [175 points. 50 bonus points for an international player. 25 bonus points for Thor or Peter Wilt]

  57. Try to convince Dr. Wu Hung not to leave this university. (Recommended phrase: ``Please, please, please don't go!!!!'') Alternately, build a shrine to his memory entirely out of posters from the Smart Museum's recent show, ``Transience.'' [21 points]

  58. Receipt from Fundamentals for over $50.00. [5 points]

  59. A signed picture of Jerry Falwell or any other religious Zealot. [5 points]

  60. Wallpaper (on the inside, natch) a foreign automobile with U of C bumper stickers. [141 points]

  61. A teddy bear as big as your Judge. [40 points]

  62. A copy of The Lombardi Era limited collector's book. [20 points]

  63. The Foxtrot. [3 points per couple, 30 points maximum]

  64. David Foster Wallace, in person, to present a lecture titled ``Pornography and Sadness.'' Make this happen. [588 points]

  65. Sleep with a Judge. It's the Big Saturday Night Sleepover, and we're all crashing at Alpha Delt. A Captain and a member of the opposite sex must come, er, participate. No weird stuff will happen, we promise. Bring a sleeping bag, and more details will be given at the Captain's Meeting. [250 points]

  66. A knickknaw from Mackinac. [10 points]
  67. Give the Judge a bone. [3 points]

  68. Jessie's Girl. [5 points]

  69. If the family from ABC's hit series Step-by-Step were driving back from a Brewers game, what I-90 exit would they take to get home? [20 points]

  70. Break a world record. Provide proof, including the old record. [300 points]

  71. Go-go dancers a-go-go. [16 points]

  72. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fireworks. From Indiana. [20 points]

  73. Men's Pocky. [35 points]

  74. That Menard's guy. Naked. [125 points]

  75. A serial-killer trading card. [7 points]

  76. The proverbial player to be named later.

  77. A gardenweasel. [25 points]

  78. Inflatable sheep. [30 points]

  79. An RSO-sanctioned Positive Kid to admit ``Happy Hardcore kinda sucks.'' [20 points]

  80. A photo of team members enjoying themselves in front of the scandalous ``Climax 1 mile'' road sign. [20 points]

  81. Present for us the indefatigable Decepticon dynamo, Devastator, fully formed. [75 points]

  82. At the Wal-Mart in Sault Sainte Marie, who holds the record-high score on the ``Fisherman's Bait'' videogame? [20 points]

  83. A ska band consisting of no fewer than 6 members to perform the Skatalites ``El Pussycat.'' [70 points. 2 bonus points for skanking rude boys and rude girls. Extra (15) bonus points for any former or current members of the Adjusters in the band. Extra extra (75) bonus points for Daraka Larimore-Hall. Extra extra extra (250) bonus points for Carter Green]

  84. The owls are not what they seem. [5 points]

  85. O verde e o amarelo. [5 points]

  86. A graded test from Roger Ebert's U of C film class. [50 points. 25 bonus points if the grade is ``two thumbs up'']

  87. A correct pronunciation of Abhainn Laoi. [4 points]

  88. We know and you don't.

  89. Hubcaps. (Obtained legally) [14 points]

  90. The adult feature Wide Open Spaces starring Kelly O'Dell. [10 points]

  91. Clergy. [12 points]

  92. Mystery Spot. Deep within the heart of Fort Maze, the Judges have written a secret word. What is that secret word? (hint: Marlboro Reds) [132 points]

  93. Drunken robots are funny, and boy, do the Scavenger Hunt Judges love to drink. [151 points]

  94. What is the longest place name in Great Britain? Say it correctly. [15 points. 5 bonus points if you provide its meaning]

  95. May the team with the biggest pants win or... [5 points]

  96. Open up a savings account with Scotia Bank. [55 points]

  97. Tesselation. Use humans. [20 points]

  98. A pound of hair. Must be taken entirely from the corpus of team. [35 points]

  99. Play Saria's Song on a real musical instrument. [15 points. 15 bonus points if the song is played on an ocarina]

  100. Prove, with photo, that you're down with O.P.P. on the 69. [130 points]

  101. Coed Prison Sluts and Cannibal Cheerleaders on Crack. [10 points each]

  102. One word: Claymation. [9 points]

  103. A photograph of road trip team members in front of the giant Uniroyal tire on the interstate. [40 points]

  104. Demonstration of alternate uses for Jheri Curl Activator. [5 points per use, 25 points maximum]

  105. Free toys and business card from the Parking Lot. [4 points per toy, 40 points max, since you don't want to piss off the hippies]

  106. Pasta genitalia fresca. [36 points]

  107. A French-Canadian. [30 points]

  108. Flight attendants. In uniform. [40 points per attendant]

  109. Calculate the ``street value'' of Mt. Everest. [6 points]

  110. A beer and a newspaper from every nation that is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. [12 points per nation. 12 bonus points if all nations are represented]

  111. Fisher-Price Baby's First Flamethrower. [122 points]

  112. Tony Perron's BA. [50 points]

  113. That's a spicy meatball! [6 points]

  114. One life-sized Judas Cradle. [138 points]

  115. Draw a portrait of our friend ``Porny'' from the Velvet Touch. [40 points]

  116. An autographed photo of Jacqui Malouf. [30 points]

  117. A ``Packers Trivia Test'' from the Great Explorations Children's Museum, to be completed correctly at judging. [20 points]

  118. A Silly-String Bazooka. [10 points. 2 bonus points for laser targeting]

  119. A one-year chip from AA. [75 points]

  120. XXX, notice the Judges making the drinky drinky motion. [40 points]

  121. A Hari Krishna. [40 points. 5 bonus points for a Hairy Hari Krishna]

  122. Your style is old, like Mark V sneakers. Your lyrics are weak, like . [8 points]

  123. A coonskin cap. [7 points]

  124. Laura Palmer's Secret Diary. [20 points]

  125. A ``1997 NFL Champions'' fun-photo from a Foto Fantasy Photo Booth (all road trip members must appear in photo). [36 points]

  126. Recite a portion of A Midsummer Night's Dream from memory. Judge will provide the lead-in line. [78 points]

  127. A bouffant containing the following items: a small wedge of brie, forty hair pins bound in a rubber band, a pack of menthol cigarettes, a White Castle burger, two #2 pencils, the ace of spades, a floaty key chain from Graceland, and a cellular phone. [50 points]

  128. Bob Abrahamian, in person, to lecture on penguins and their place in the Antarctic ecosystem. [20 points]

  129. A zephyr in the sky. [8 points]

  130. What is housed in the IMAC at Oneida Bingo & Casino? [15 points]

  131. An a capella performance of the Mos Eisley Cantina song. [5 points]

  132. An irridescent cube of Energon. [5 points]
  133. A tumescent tube of Estragon. [5 points]

  134. A City of Chicago Denver boot. [183 points]

  135. Somewhere in the Bowling Hall of Fame / American Bowling Congress Building, hangs a picture of Richard Zdziemborski. What is he holding in the picture? [17 points]

  136. Download an .mp3 from the ScavHunt website, available Friday. Enact the item. [38 points]

  137. Intravenus De Milo. [27 points]

  138. A zoetrope. [35 points]

  139. What was the first painting acquired by the Art Institute of Chicago? [7 points]

  140. Scavenger Hunt Judges are hungry, but there are people who are hungrier. Donate cans during judgment--no generics. [2 points per can, 50 cans maximum]

  141. Dress up like the characters from ``Gilligan's Island'' and ``Three's Company'' (be sure to include Mr. and Mrs. Roper). Put on a fashion show! [35 points]

  142. Cubic zirconia. [20 points]

  143. A Soo Locks Boat Tours Super Saver Coupon. [10 points]

  144. A team member who is incredibly, incredibly high--but has not violated any of the Scavenger Hunt rules. [4.20 points]

  145. The package, the postage, the person, and the proof that the person was mailed in the package with the postage. [330 points]

  146. Tig ol' bitties. [5 points. 15 bonus points if bitties are shockingly tig]

  147. Exert complete tactical control over:
    1. a desk [$4!$ points]
    2. a classroom [$5!$ points]
    3. a University building [$6!$ points]
    4. Hyde Park [$7!$ points]
    5. Madeline Albright [$8!$ points]

  148. A kid that still bothers to play with a Furby. [5 points]

  149. A photo of a team member on a conveyor belt at The Beer Store, dressed in garb befitting a true hoser. [204 points]

  150. The Hand of God. [8 points]

  151. Where's Waldo? What's the population (according to the road sign)? [33 points]

  152. I'm double-majoring in Sexology and Mixology. [25 points]

  153. Find a College student who has spent over seven years getting his or her degree. [10 points. 10 bonus points for every extra year]

  154. Top 10 quotes egregiously omitted from ``Life of the Mind.'' [12 points]

  155. The gigantic beef cow statue that sits on a trailer outside most fine ``Sizzler'' restaurants (hint: the trailer has been disabled at the axle). [399 points]

  156. A diploma from the Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. [50 points]

  157. An official memo from John Boyer's office describing his meeting with Suge Night and their plot to take down Puff Daddy and Bad Boy records. [29 points]

  158. Surrender to the Judge one ticket to McClurg Court Theatre 1 for 19 May. [283 points]

  159. Chocolate cheese from Mars. [16 points]

  160. A picture of a team member performing at the Northpoint Exotic Dance Club. [120 points]

  161. Produce a demo tape of either a country or fusion music group featuring solely team members. [75 points]

  162. An original 4-digit phone bill. [15 points]

  163. A New Kid on the Block. [6 points]

  164. Pronounce ``BPAmoco.'' [2 points]

  165. Any conservator from the Art Institute to give a detailed analysis of the portrait of Hanna Gray. [200 points]

  166. Table tickets and bowls from Medieval Times. [10 points per bowl, 40 points per ticket. 6 item maximum on each--tickets must be different colors]

  167. A fifteen-foot-tall monument to Grimace. [110 points]

  168. Ten team members singing ``Voice of Harold'' with ``Seven Chinese Brothers'' simultaneously playing on a sound system. Extra points for a bag of Harold's for each singer. [25 points]

  169. A recruitment letter from every branch of the armed forces. [5 points per branch. 15 points bonus if the letters are all to the same person]

  170. A student ID from Northwestern University with a team member's picture on it. [20 points]

  171. Ostrich eggs. [5 points per egg, 20 points maximum]
  172. Österreicher eggs. [5 points per egg, 20 points maximum]

  173. Models of five major world monuments built from the five food groups. Must be in edible form. [10 points per monument]

  174. Who's your Daddy? (You must provide medical proof) [21 points]

  175. John Von Seggern's old wallet and sense of dignity (last seen somewhere in Parry Sound). [1500 points]

  176. A ``Don't Mess with Texas'' bumper sticker. [10 points. 40 bonus points if a ``Liberal's suck''[sic] bumper sticker is attached to it]

  177. One episode of as many TV shows about the NYPD as you can find. [3 points per episode. 30 bonus points for Cop Rock and True Blue]

  178. Attend a classical-music performance wearing full armor and prove it. [100 points]

  179. Paint your team's logo on the Northwestern rock (provide documentation). [50 points]

  180. A winning ``Double Dog Dare'' instant lottery ticket. [30 points]

  181. A Super Sac of ``Saveur de Fromage'' Nacho Doritos. [10 points]

  182. The brochure ``View from the Tower,'' from the largest four-faced clock in the world. [60 points]

  183. The Publisher of the Chicago Weekly News kissing the Editor-In-Chief of the Chicago Maroon. [102 points]

  184. Dennis the Phantom Menace. [7 points]

  185. What the hell is Victoria's secret, and why is she keeping it from us? [2 points if answer is convincing. 2 bonus points if team Captain is wearing unchaste lingerie]

  186. A life-sized papier-mâché donkey covered entirely with copies of the Criterion. [90 points]

  187. An AssMaster. Must see immediate results with use. [8 points]

  188. Frozen custard from Kopp's. [30 points]

  189. Convince the Judges to give you $x$ points via an ancient Jedi mind trick.

  190. A security system from an airport. [80 points for just the metal-searching phallus, 250 points for the yonic metal-hunting closet, 569 points for the x-ray system. 70 bonus points if the system finds a cucumber wrapped in foil]

  191. ``Penny! Come have a seat in your car!'' Meet Penny. She changed her name from Esmerelda when she was given a domestic automobile covered in pennies for her sixteenth birthday. We don't want to see Penny. We just want to see her car. In person. [350 points]

  192. The first issue of Shepherd Express METRO. [20 points]

  193. Have David Bevington describe the Scavenger Hunt the same way that he described the new Citibank ATM policy. [40 points]

  194. Dublin's official name (try to pronounce that one). [5 points]

  195. Swinging lovers. And they had better swing. And love. [15 points]

  196. The ever-popular ``Hugo 3:16'' t-shirt. [3 points. 16 bonus points for a faculty member wearing the shirt]

  197. Methinks you wear the dog hood. [4 points]

  198. The annual web site item. Your team's webpage is devoted entirely to positive reinforcement, which it does in a few different ways. First, using no words, .jpgs, or .gifs, one page expresses a deep-seeded truth about the U of C. Other pages must include the following: a Derek Jeter Girlfriend Watch, an .mp3 of the Unaccompanied Interns singing ``Don't Mess With Bill,'' pomo babble, ASCII art, photos of President Clinton on campus, and items pertaining to using computers to generate nude pictures of your neighbors. Additionally, one page must be a tribute to Run DMC, and another page must be devoted to Natalie Portman's star turn in The Phantom Menace, including boatloads of photos the Judges have not before seen--yet have wanted to. The final page must follow this criteria: <TITLE>University of Chicago Biochemistry Final Exam Solutions, Spring 1999</TITLE>, accessible through or directly from [256 points maximum]

  199. An edible iMac. [50 points]

  200. Raise High the Roofbeams, Carpenters. [3 points]

  201. Cliff's Notes for the Necronomicon. [6.66 points]

  202. An ``Automatic Payment Option Form'' from Cloverland Electric Cooperative. [30 points]

  203. What is the Matrix? [3 points]

  204. An original manuscript, not more than four pages long, entitled The Oral Office. [4 points]

  205. A rice king. [12 points]

  206. Call 967.1111. Present piping hot Canuck pie. [134 points]

  207. Buff Chicago Professors: The 1999 Wall Calendar (must have photos of real U of C professors). [50 points for each professor. 10 bonus points for each bare-chested professor, extra points possible, in the Biblical sense]

  208. The fine people at dELiA*s should wish your team luck on their website. Show us that they do. [240 points]

  209. Two cups of chocolate chips with at least a half cup of ketchup--to be consumed ensemble. [25 points]

  210. Pictures of a team member swimming in all five Great Lakes. [75 points]

  211. Lyall's Bon Voyage. [25 points]

  212. Who are the members of the Pentavaret? [4 points]

  213. Your own -In on the Quads, beginning Thursday at noon, ending at 3:00 pm. Must include team members forcing themselves to have , as well as administrators who disapprove of the . [178 points]

  214. French fries (or pommes frites) purchased at Taco Bell. [10 points]

  215. One 20-lb wheel of parmigiano reggiano. [36 points]

  216. A bitch-on-wheels. [9 points]

  217. Serve your team members Drisheen, and make them like it (points awarded for more members eating, more members smiling, fewer members vomitting, cursing only in Irish). [29 points maximum]

  218. Schedules for all of the Ferry lines to Mackinac Island. [5 points per schedule]

  219. Nintendo RumblePak $^{\mbox{\scriptsize {TM}}}$ FantasyMaker. ``Single Moms Love 'Em!'' Needed is a demonstration with requisite moaning and rumbling. [35 points]

  220. A Loony and a Twony. [3 points]

  221. A scale model of Noah's Ark. [25 points. 25 bonus points for including the different animals on the ark but no real animals]

  222. Team-constructed replica of ancient erotica. Must be a tiled mosaic. Male/male positioning okay. Justinian or Constantinian accepted. [34.5 points]

  223. A new Volvo convertible with $25,000 in ``cash'' in the backseat and a signed photo of Alex Trebek in the glove box. [102 points]

  224. Clothing for ``People on the Move.'' [25 points. 15 bonus points for a matching set]

  225. An original team essay/photomontage entitled ``Our Tour of the Miller Brewing Co.'' The paper should be three to five pages in length, and must include detailed schematics and photographs. [12 points]

  226. What is the background music in Barney Gumble's movie, and from where does it come. [4 points]

  227. Bronson Pinch-me $^{\mbox{\scriptsize {TM}}}$ life-size Balki doll for home or office use. [56 points]

  228. A bullet-proof vest that reads in bold yellow letters ``CAMERAMAN, DO NOT SHOOT.'' [60 points]

  229. Home Alone 69: Lost in Hyde Park(1999). This video, made by the intrepid video production team of [team name here], was released to video at Item [*]. It went on to become an adult classic, featuring such archetypal adult entertainment clichés like bored housewives, eager plumbers and pizza deliverypersons. It also included such Modernist tropes such as presenting a person of small stature dressed as an Irishman. In keeping with standards, though, no genital nudity was shown, and it had an excellent plot--making the Judges laugh not even once. [350 points maximum]

  230. A Macintosh computer built before 1985. It must be able to play either Airborne!, MacVegas, Beyond Dark Castle, Winter Games, or feature the Talking Moose say ``You are my favourite Judge in the whole wide world, mang!'' [256 points]

  231. Mass Tootsie Roll. [20 people minimum. 2 points per person]

  232. Have a computer suffer a Y2K crash in the presence of the Judge. [123 points]

  233. Joe Bob, your hillbilly redneck cousin, left his pickup truck when he came to visit the big city. Present it, with its proper accouterments, including gunrack, 8-track player, astroturf, change of overalls, bait, chaw, loose casings, foam mesh cap, beer cozy, and pig/hound. [150 points for the wheels, 10 bonus points per accouterment]

  234. A team-constructed massage chair. [80 points. 80 bonus points if you get a salesperson from The Sharper Image to demonstrate its features. 80 additional bonus points if the Judge leaves the chair with a tingly feeling all over]

  235. BG Fries from the Lemon Tree. Casual dining goodness must be fresh and still have its wrapper. [6 points]

  236. The Sword of Omens (must give Judges ``sight beyond sight''). [15 points. 15 bonus points if sword can also project blazing emblem into the nighttime sky]

  237. 1 pound of soul food. Please provide scale. [10 points]

  238. Professor's High School Yearbooks. [15 points per book. 15 bonus points for professor's faces outlined with hearts. 150 points maximum]

  239. A jilted former Amoco executive. [20 points]

  240. A breeder reactor built in a shed, and the boy scout badge to prove credit was given where boy scout credit was due. [500 points]

  241. A demonstration of something that doughnuts can't do. And we need doughuts to prove you wrong. [35 points]

  242. A Nintendo Fun Club Membership Card. [45 points]

  243. A human being and citizen. [10 points]

  244. Most Scavenger Hunt Judges love to paint. Especially pants. Especially with latex. Especially on people. Ruin it for us by getting to it before we do. Clothing with paint on it will not be accepted. [110 points]

  245. A member of the team must have proof of employment for Streetwise Magazine as a vendor. [83 points]

  246. Before and after shots of a team member's successful breast implant removal. Make sure both are autographed by Pamela Anderson Lee. [35 points]

  247. A grocery bag from Piggly Wiggly's. [15 points]

  248. A rubbing of the plaque in front of the Vygantas classroom at the Pasaulio Lietuviu Centras. [30 points]

  249. Water Tower Place Hide-and-go-seek. Saturday afternoon (after 1:00 pm), a small number of Judges will be hiding at Water Tower Place, probably buying J. Crew clothes. Find all the Judges first and win style points. [points TBD]

  250. Build a throne, out of cooked lasagna, for your Captain to sit in. [90 points]

  251. Currency from Great Britain, France, Italy, Turkey, Sweden, and Denmark. [22 points]

  252. A doughy, yeasty effiginous figure of Don Crabb. [88 points]

  253. Photo of teammate with Monica Lewinsky. [15 points]

  254. What did Homer buy besides illegal fireworks? [4 points]

  255. A piece of the stealth bomber. [15 points]

  256. Proof that a teammember danced in the cage at Crobar. [85 points]

  257. The words ``grow a penis'' are an anagram of the name of which 20th century political figure? [3 points]

  258. A vending machine vending only Flamin' Hot Chee-tos, condoms, and Jolt Cola. [350 points. 400 bonus points if it only accepts $1 coins (loonys or Susan B. Anthonys accepted), 700 bonus points if the Judge can score a condom and a bottle of jolt using his or her U of C ID]

  259. Recite from memory, in the original Japanese, the theme song to Neon Genesis Evangelion. [63 points. 63 bonus points for reciting the full Director's Edit Version]

  260. A one-minute recreation of the historic match between Hulk Hogan and André the Giant at Wrestlemania III. Must include the appropriate announcers and must stay true to the factual events of the match. [36 points]

  261. An accurate chronology of all Star Wars publications. You don't need the datesm, but it must be in order and must include the trilogy, the prequels, and all novels and graphic novels. [9 points]

  262. 5 MENSA membership cards. [40 points]

  263. A Berkshire Hathaway stock certificate. [250 points]

  264. Class picture of the Chiaravalle kindergarten class of 1982. bonus if they can identify the judge in the photo. [250 points]

  265. A photo of your team giving each other bear hugs in front of Lokys. [49 points]

  266. A smudge bowl from Open Mind Books. Prove that it really does have eerie mystical powers. [48 points]

  267. A working ColecoVision. [40 points]

  268. A styrofoam Big Mac container. [75 points]

  269. Something from the Gaeltacht. [10 points]
  270. Someone from the Gaeltacht. [15 points]

  271. A William Jefferson Clinton commemorative dildo. [17 points]

  272. 60-second reënactment of Lascivious Ball, 1978. [69/2 points]

  273. Mushrooms from High Park. [15 points]

  274. The Zoo Plane. [10 points]

  275. Coax MJ out of retirement. [4545 points]

  276. An explanation of Derrida's De la grammatologie in 20 or fewer words. [5 points]

  277. A whole swordfish, frozen solid. [300 points]

  278. 64 slices of American cheese, to be eaten by a team member. [10 points per 8 slices]

  279. A melon painted like the head of Slobodan Milosevic, to be detonated outside. [56 points. 39 bonus points for air strike]

  280. An Orbitron. [360 points]

  281. Phillysteak and Tastykake $^{\mbox{\scriptsize {TM}}}$? No, Phillykakes and Tastysteaks $^{\mbox{\scriptsize {TM}}}$! [3 points]

  282. An answering machine message from James Earl Jones singing a few bars from the song ``Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair,'' from the MGM musical South Pacific. [25 points]

  283. We're dancing around on the sign for Rosario's. [3 points]

  284. T. Herman Zweibel--in costume, of course. [10 points]

  285. Eight maids-a-milking. [32 points]

  286. A MiG. [15 points]

  287. The $n$th ScavHunt Pride Parade. The Parade starts, officially, at 12:00 pm on 8 May at the corner of Fullerton and Halsted and continues up to Addison and Halsted. Floats must be adorned with symbols of amor venationis. Points awarded based on the team's float's complexity, on the number of teammembers involved, and on the extent to which the public also becomes involved. [300 points maximum]

  288. An olympic medal. [$-$100 points for bronze, 200 for silver, 400 for gold]

  289. A mug from A&W. [10 points]

  290. Bile. [9 points]

  291. An armored go-cart. [100 points for basic armored vehicle. 10 bonus points for each of the following James Bond style gimmicks: oil slick dispenser, passenger eject button, rocket thrusters, artificial voice unit, and self-destruct system]

  292. The hat of Walter Kaegi. [35 points]

  293. One REALDOLL making the wind and the rain in retro canino with a teammember. [499.9 points]

  294. Using a scale, determine the acceleration of the elevator that goes to the observation deck of the Sears Tower. Show your work. [40 points; math is hard]

  295. Dude looks like a lady. [5 points]

  296. A Thunderdome. Two teammates enter, one teammate leaves. This item must be a Moonwalk-esque pneumatic device from which post-apocalyptic bouncing can deem a true victor of all the water in the world. [300 points]

  297. TBA.

  298. The Hyde Park Trolley, flying a banner with your team's name. [89 points]

  299. A dozen marshmallow ``peeps'' candies and a chocolate Santa. [36 points]

  300. Smoke Daddy's ribs (no points if they have been pre-nibbled). [7 points]

  301. A dozen Tim Horton Donuts. [12 points. 13 bonus points for Timbits]

  302. VIP card to The Steamworks. [21 points]

  303. ``Living Dolls''--Get team members a gig accompanying mannequins in the storefront of a Chicago store. Let us know about it beforehand. [50 points. 100 bonus points if you can get into a store window on the Magnificent Mile]

  304. A painting from the Hyde Park establishment Artwerk. [60 points]

  305. Asterix action figures. [15 points per figure]

  306. Translate the words to ``Louie Louie'' by the Kingsmen, pts. for style and accuracy. [15 points maximum]

  307. OK Soda. [40 points]

  308. Who's ``too tall to live, too weird to die''? Bring him (or a reasonable facsimile). [10 points]

  309. One pint of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream (but of course, from the Vermont. Prove with receipt.) [40 points]

  310. Collar buttons from as many different North American museums as possible. [7 points per button, 70 points maximum. 10 bonus points for buttons from Toledo]

  311. A picture of you and your waitress at Bobak's. [10 points. 15 bonus points if you can get her to wear the placemat as a fetching mask]

  312. Ricky Martin paraphernalia. [10 points per item, 50 points maximum. 10 bonus points for Menudo-era items]

  313. Der Golem. [4 points]

  314. Though Ted O'Neill has remarkably good looks, let's be frank: He can't dress at all. He should casually admit that he had never before had fashion sense, and he should then thank God for your team's eagerness to take him to Barney's and outfit him right. [569 points. Your team is immediately disqualified if a tie featuring Princeton's colours appears]

  315. ``When I get the urge to exercise, I...'' Demonstration please. [3 points]

  316. Consume head cheese and fluff. In a sandwich. [27 points]

  317. Gucci sunglasses. [28 points]

  318. Real Wisconsin cheese kurds. [18 points]

  319. Simulate a Big Mac Attack. [4 points]
  320. Simulate a Fleetwood Mac Attack. [5 points]

  321. An ``Economics at the University of Chicago'' embroidered baseball cap. [20 points]

  322. What U.S. town once banned Halloween? [4 points]

  323. Ticket from the Tricky/Whale MAB concert. [5 points]

  324. A painting depicting Homi Bhabha and visiting professor Toni Morrison stuck in the Classics elevator. [25 points]

  325. Take a shot (as in shot glass) of sugar, a shot of salt, and a shot of Equal (yes, you can substitute with Sweet & Low). [9 points]

  326. Neil Armstrong's historic first words on the moon. [2 points]

  327. Viagra. [10 points]

  328. 100 burned out light bulbs. [100 points]

  329. An unopened pack of duty-free cigarettes. [5 points]

  330. A fellow of most infinite jest. [4 points]

  331. Someone dressed in a beaver costume driving a golfcart on the Midway. [175 points]

  332. Indurain in the rain. [25 points. 15 bonus points for yellow jersey]

  333. A completed application to Cardinal Stritch College, including essays, letters of recommendation, and postage (we'll mail it in for you). [50 points]

  334. A brand new tube of the lipstick that Monica wore during her interview with Baba Wawa. [25 points]

  335. Stop! Hammer time. [4 points]

  336. Who shot Dale Cooper? [5 points]

  337. Photographic evidence proving that a member of your team has reached the final level (20) of Mac Brickout v3.1.2. [23.12 points]

  338. The Vengabus is coming / And everybody's jumping / New York to San Francisco / An intercity disco / The wheels of steel are turning / And traffic lights are burning / So if you like to party / Get on and move your body. Saturday night, parking lot TBA. BYOBus and make it good. [600 points maximum]
  339. So yo then man what's your story? [6 points]

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