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The following teams have been registered:

Team NameAffiliationCaptain(s)Euphemism
JudgeHot Side HotPepper and the Shakersploptacapus prime
""BreckMonica Brown, AJ Corso, Abigail Chang, Sydney Purdue, Allen Yuan, Caroline Wall"Parity"
The Jeanne Gang: A Well-Constructed Scav TeamStronginAddison Jeske, Cesar Dimas, Stephen CreightonScoop
Gordon Ramsay and the Nine Circles of Hell's KitchenBJYida Cai, Eric Kirkes, Jake Eberts, Emily Cambiasknob shine, polish the knob, french abortion, eat the children, gobble the goop, earning your keep, worshipping at the altar, hiding the salami, giving big jim and the twins a wash, playing the pink oboe, getting a throat culture, courting the gay vote, climbing the corporate ladder, bobbing for apples, talking into the mic, protein milkshake, meeting mr. one eye, playing the meat kazoo, making the blind see
Team TornadoTornadoesur belongingsI want you inside me
One Man One Team II: But for real this time (not joking) because last time was a joke but this time it's really realBRBSCAV.ORG.MOVElliot MertzCocksucker
Maxy Python and the Holy ScavMax PalevskyKieran Arens, Rebecca Husk, Emi Lemberg"We'll burn that bridge when we cross it."
Egg;SnitchcockMarissa Annis;Sophia Sheng;Baci Weiler;Destiny Reeves;A few Egg;s short of a dozen;
The ScavalryGASHLoranne Nasir, Tammie Kahnhauser, Eddie DeHaisOver the hill
Team Dai-GurrenHumanityJohn Xia, Josh MillerDrillin it
Northern Alliance for Satellite Assimilation (NASA)STTR-BBoYEmma Heras, Kayla Boling, Chris Eidsmoe, Jasmine Mithani, Robert DeckerI barely knew phemism
Michael:Vick:Presents:NintendogsBlow:JobSebastian Fernandez-Mulligan, Liam Philiben, and Droey GubaraWOWEE:that:ZOWEE
The Minority ReportFighters of the white man oo whoa ohCollin Howe, Thara Nallamothu, Zach Robertson, Tarung BimnathwalaBashing the fasc
Team EagleILTAngela MCbest leaders of the country
the satellites deserved it"breck deserved it the most" - bobby j zimmerJustin Bibler, Jason ZhaoHOU$E CULTURE, FREE SPEECH, VIGOROUS SINQUIRY
The Lavender ScareQueer ScavJay Bach, Ilias, Puck"classically athletic"
Scampi Scav Presents: A Series of Mildly Uncomfortable EventsScampi ScavGabi Mulder, Geoff Ramseyer, Jack Barbey"they tried"
Jimmy Carter's Peanut GalleryAtlanta Study AbroadRosalynn Carter"Walter Mondale"
I-House Scav Presents: Untested DevelopmentI-HouseElinore McLain, Katherine Wheeler, Tristan Kitch, Jacob Burroughs, Joshua Maymirthe bald avenger
One Man, One TeamJannotta HouseDaniel Schwartz, Ben DonvanUhhhhh
WAAWAAMaggie O'Hara, Anna WooleryScav!


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