The University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt



Many thanks to our many teams. We hope your Hunt was as wondeful as ours and look forward to seeing you again next year.


Place Affiliation
1st Burton-Judson
2nd Snell-Hitchcock
3rd BroStoMP
4th Breckinridge
5th Max Palevsky
6th (tie) GASH
South Campus
8th Black-I
9th Maclean
10th The FIST
11th The Faux-Op
12th Pillars of Pure Salt
13th Gödel, Escher, Batman
14th (tie) Physics Grad Students
Cornell Physics Grad Students
16th Great Oaks Charter School
17th Sarah, Chris, and Ben
18th The Cheese Stands Alone
19th Beijing Study Abroad
20th Columbia Grad Students

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