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Scav Hunt 2024 will be May 2-5, 2024.



Registered Teams

Team Name Affiliation Captain(s)
Polaris Campus North Residential Commons Rocky L., Alasdair D., Susan B.
The Chicago Twinker 👉👈 we are the successors to the fallcrest adventurer’s guild of yore (last year) Asher J., Camden P.
Pink Freud Snell-Hitchcock Arianne N., Lizzie C., Sarah G., Sally the Fish
Streak people who don’t know when to quit Rebecca H.
Scavrou & Co. Scavrou Enterprises, LLC Asher J., Carlos M.
Joie de Fire GASH (Graduate & Alumni Scav Hunt) Crayola B., Holly K., Nicky D.
Mataverse Friend group Daniel M., Gilberto G., Henry C., Kentaro M., Lena B., Gabby S., Nic R., Owen Y.
Valwah Bwah Valois Bois A. Large, Thomas (Bubbles) S., Jenny H.
Grapes! Renee Granville Grossman Commons Matthew R., Madeleine D., Erica Olea V., Andrew A., Pallas H., Pravan C.
crustsaders 🍞 people who like bread and pottery 🥖☕️ Anika K., Claire G., Jillian B., Anokha N.

Unsure where to begin? Check out our guide, So You Want to Be a Scav Team!

So you wanna be a Judge next year…

Hot Side Hot is now looking for new blood to commune with us in the SubLime in wait of the Great Fireball. If you would like to join our eldritch cabal and become one of our cthonic fellowship, we urge you to fill out the following application.

This application is being provided to you as a Portable Document Format document. We understand that your list of proposed items may include unusual typesetting, but we require that for ease of transmission you return the application to us as a Word document.

All applications are due in their entirety by 11:59:59 pm, May 12th, 2024 and should be e-mailed to judgeapps2025 (at) gmail (dot) com.