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Code of Conduct

This document is intended to address behaviors that the Judgeship will not tolerate and modes of recourse and possible in-Scav consequences for such behaviors. This is in addition to the guidelines set out by the Rules of the Hunt and University policy.

Section 1: Responsibility

It is expected that no participant of The Great Hunt, Judge or otherwise, will exhibit gross misconduct or behavior that is inappropriately detrimental to Scavvies, Judges, outsiders, or Scav Hunt as a whole. Some examples of inappropriate behavior specifically targeted by this policy include, but are not limited to: hazing, bullying, harassment, discrimination, aiding and abetting, collusion, sabotage, and inappropriately making the Hunt worse for others. Such behavior can take place in public Scav spaces like events, in intra- and inter-team interactions, and/or in forums such as the Discord and email listhosts. Note that “being an unlikeable prick” does not necessarily fall under this rule, but it can at the discretion of the Judges.

Section 2: Our Domain

The Judge Cabal serves to facilitate the Scav Hunt, and while we hope all Scavvies have a wonderful time, our reach and power is limited, particularly with regard to conflicts within teams or between individual Scavvies. It is the Judgeship’s responsibility to deal with misconduct by Judges; for misconduct by Scavvies, the Judges are only one recourse of several. There are existing resources that are more empowered to deal with shit than we are.

Section 3: Appropriate Channels

Section 3-A: Things We (The Judges) Would Like to Know About

The Judge responsible for handling Code of Conduct violations is Joey Valdez. He can be contacted at If you are attempting to report a Code of Conduct violation by that very same Judge, contact the Head Judge instead. For reasons of impartiality, reports to other Judges will be redirected.

Section 3-B: What We (The Judges)’ll Do About It

Section 3-C: Things Your Captains Should Know About

Section 3-D: Things You Might Want to Tell Your RA/RH/RD/Retc. About, If You’re in a Dorm

Section 3-E: Things the Administration Should Know About

Section 4: Scav Privileges

  1. Access to the Scav Discord
  2. Access to the Listhost
  3. Recognition as captain (e.g. counting for events, Judgment)
  4. Recognition as a team