The University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt



Team captains, we are once again within a month of the 2014 University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt! To register, please send an email to scavheadjudge[at] with the following info:

  • Team name
  • Team affiliation (e.g. dorm, apartment complex, 501(c)(3), etc.)
  • Team motto
  • Team mascot
  • Team headquarters address
  • Captains' names
  • Captains' e-mail addresses
  • Captains' cell phone numbers
  • Does your team plan to participate in Road Trip? Y/N (if road trip team members are known, it would be helpful to have their names, e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers for paperwork purposes, so feel free to provide those if you can)
  • Favorite Dining Establishment in Bikini Bottom

If you have any questions, now is the time to ask. We would like to know how many teams we should plan for as early as possible. That means now. Send in your registration as soon as possible. Which should be, like, right now.

Registered Teams

The following teams have been registered:

Team Name Affiliation Captain(s) Dining Establishment
Judge Hot Side Hot There are no captains, only Zuul. The Kuddly Krab
;) Breckinridge House Mallory VanMeeter; Nolan Winkler; Nicholas Kowalski; Matthew Schaffer; Kristy Hwang The Salty Spittoon
Harold's Phoenix Shack Max(imillian) Palevsky Residential Commons Riva Letchinger; Brock Huebner; Zach Upton-Davis The Sea Chicken Shack
Engineering at the Snell-Hitchcock Institute of Technology Snell-Hitchcock Jay Cushing; Sarah Fulton; Jessica Green; Lauren Riensche Super Weenie Hut Jr's
Mrs. O'Leary and the Holy Cows Burton-Judson Dan Cronin; Emma Goehler; Holly Kassner; Stephen Marrone Pizza Castle
Salvador Dali Partons Scampi (South Campus) Daniel Lapinski; Francesca Freeman; Martha Templeton; Mark Sands Goofy Goober's Ice Cream Party Boat
Logging, Pimping, and Your Pal Jim Nondorf: A Trainwash to the Stars Maclean House Daniel Kassler; Chelsea Leu; Shelby Williams; Nathan Vasquez The Shell Shack
The Faux-Op 5438 S Harper Ave Michaela Stone Cross; Dake Kang Chum Bucket
Scavving Like It's 1999 Graduate and Alumni Scavenger Hunt (GASH) Meredith Rose; Andrew Kyser; Loranne Nasir Dead Eye Funeral Parlor and Ice Cream Parlor
The People's Republic of Scav Beijing Vilter Pete; Owens Hunter The Collective Collective Farm Collective
Black-I Blackstone and International House (minus Shorey) Celia Eckert; Connor Soltas; Richard Hanson; David Tomblin; Ryder Scott; Chloe Mays; Wes Mills The Salty Spittoon
Cbicago Mafia Physics and Astronomy Grad Students Kat Ziegler Nepotism? Never!
The Cheese Stands Alone Independent Apartments South of 59th Street Sean Sullivan Chum Bucket
Pillars of Pure Salt 1126 E Hyde Park Lorrie Straka Bunny Bun's


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