The University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt


Registered Teams

The following teams have been registered:

Team NameAffiliationCaptain(s)Euphemism
JudgeHot Side HotThe King of PolandTooted
100 Years of Solid DudesBreckinridgeKristy Hwang, Robert Hayes, Kevin Peterson, AJ Corso, Monica BrownNice!
Doing Honest Scav in CollegeSnitchcock ScavDestiny Reeves, Kent Fernandez, Baci Weiler, Ted LitchfieldRebuilding the ozone layer
Robespierre and the Reign of CherBurton JudsonYida Cai, Eric Kirkes, Leah von Essen, George Townsend🍜🕐💨💩☣
Oedipus and the Mama's BoysScampi ScavFrancesca Freeman, Gabi Mulder, Alex McDonoughShooting out the stink air
The University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt Special Administrative Region (Two Coutries, One Scav)Hong Kong Study AbroadJuliet Eldred, Sandy Lynn毒瓦斯
I-Stone Presents: Studio Ghibli's Castle in the ScavPhoenix, Booth, Thompson, BlackstoneElinore McLain, Anne Jiang, Katherine Wheeler, Michelle JiangPulling a Nicholas and Alisoun
Mad Max P: University RoadMax PalevskyJoseph Beutel, Brandon McCallister, Kelsey WhitcombEngaging afterburner
One Man, One TeamAll are wecome in memory of Sean SullivanDaniel SchwartzBlowin the Butt Billow
Chicago Illuminati ExchangeBroStoMP FMEmma Heras, Jenna Dorfman, Joann Welch, Michael Procassini, Lauren Saundershum from your bum
Outrageous FunTommy RobBrendan McGuire, Max Bluestone, Joe WittCrop Dusting
Belligerent and NumerousGASHJoan Wolkerstorfer, Crayola Bolger, Marvin LowenthalButt noise
Dumpling Hell Garden: That's a Wrap, Y'allJusticeHarry Gaoharry gao's invisible cow
One Man, One Team (2)All are wecome in memory of Sean Sullivan (2)Elliot MertzBlowin the Butt Billow (2)
A River Runs Through It One Last Time: Yippee Ki-Yay MotherfuckerMacleanEva Brotslaw, Addison Jeske, Hadi Iskandarani, Aliyah Bixby-Driesen, Mike Howland-DewarCutting the cheese
The Other TeamQueerScavPuck Ozette, Ilias Bowen-Sicalide, Lauren Eamesone-gun salute
OOWTFYBSrat StarzPriyani Karim, Shereen Al-Sawwafsharing methane with the atmosphere
Avengers AssembleWisconsin State AssemblyDaniel RiemerCaucus
Nancy Kerrigan and the First Case of White on White Police BrutalityPolice Baton EnthusiestsSebastian Feranadez-Mulligan, Ernesto Vargas-ParraSlippin' the smoke
Human WrongsVienna Human Rights Study AbroadRoni Lubofsky, Joe Joseph, Liz Joyce, Katherine VegaJa, Genau!
Spring Splash 2k16WAAMaggie O'Hara, Olivia Haney, Molly Moran, ANna Woolerybutt yodeling
what is very obviously just 3 trenchcoats stacked on top of each other pretending to be an adult womanVincent SortofanAdultWomanKatalina KimballTrenchoats don't have butts how would we know?


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